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   AI Panoramic Panhead (YT-2000)

YT2000 remote&tracking pan tilt has both remote and tracking function, it adopts step motors and has more accuracy . As remote it has 8 grade speed for pan and tilt. Wide range of speed regulation from 4r/min to 0.05r/min. 2 preset positions can be remembered and you can call it by one key. Also it can scan automatically between A and B, the scan speed also can be adjusted. The pan tilt has shutter release port ,it connects the camera by cable and can take photos by remote. As a pan tracking pan tilt, it supports gesture recognition , it can load cameras phones up to 2 kg. There is a 1/4 screw hole at the bottom of the pan tilt, it can be easily installed on the tripod. It can be widely used on live stream, photo shooting, etc.


Pan angleinfinity

Tilt angle:50°

Pan speed:8 grade, 0.05r/min-4r/min

Tilt speed:8 grade, 0.05r/min-0.6r/min

Remote :2.4G

Remote chanel:00-99

Remote distance:>30m

Remote battery:2*AAA alkaline battery

tracking Gesture

Load:2kg(camera gravity <50mm)


Dc in:5v2a

Battery:18650 Lithium

3.7v Dim122mm(L)*120(W)*130(H)

Weight:855g(only pan tilt)

Install phone or camera

as illustrated in this picture, choose the right direction, This pan tilt is equipped with a quick plate PU70, The camera or the phone can move forward and backward in 70cm range. The phone or camera should be put in the center to avoid tilt shake.The power supply for this pan tilt should be 5V2A charging head,Computer USB port can not be used.Plug in type-c cable, the charging indicator light, this pan tilt has one 18650 lithium battery, when charging, the indicator is red, when charging full, the indicator turns green. The charge power is 5w.

Remote mode:

Turn up the power switch , it enters into remote mode.the pan tilt LCD on. The screen indicates Chanel No.,point A, point B,signal, battery indicator, pan speed, tilt speed, pan angle, tilt angle. When the pan tilt communicate with the remote the red signal turns to green. Press the M repeatedly you can shift between Chanel No.,pan speed, tilt speed, at this time, the relevant number will blink,press +or- to change these numbers,then change the channel No, pan speed, or tilt speed. This pan tilt has 100 channel, the remote can work if the pan tilt channel No. is the same as remote No..

Set A,B position

The pan tilt can memorize 2 positions , they can be preset and find them by one key. First select a position by remote , then long press A key until the A display on LCD turns green, the A position is memorized. Repeat the same operation to select B position. Quick press “A”key, the pan tilt returns to A position,quick press “B”key, the pan tilt returns to “B”position , by remote the same function can be materialized .


First power on pan tilt, then power on the remote. The remote signal turns green if the pan tilt channel No. is the same as the remote channel No. When the signal is green ,the remote can be used. If the pan tilt channel No. is inconsistentwith remote channel No. The red character “SELECT CH” will blink on LCD.Simultaneously the channel No. also blinks. Press UP or DOWN keyto change the remote channel,whenit is the same channel as pan tilt press OK to confirm.

switch on the pan tilt first, then switch on the remote.The remote will power off automatically after 5min, without operation, you have to switch on the POWER key again

Remote channel adjustment:

Long press the MENU key on remote, the remote channel No. will blink, press UP or DOWN key to change the channel No. Press OK to confirm.

Remote speed adjustment:

Quick press the MENU key on remote,the pan speed No. will blink,press again the MENU key, it will shift to tilt speed No.press UP or DOWN key to change the speed.Press OK to confirm.

Return to AB position:

Press Auto and A key simultaneously,the pan tilt returns to A position automatically. Press Auto and B key simultaneously , the pan tilt returns to B position automatically. the A,B icon on LCD will blink until it return to correct position, Pan scan from A to B Press Auto and S key simultaneously ,the pan tilt will scan repeatedly from A to B according to selected speed , the scan direction is pan.Repress the S key to terminate scan.


A ,B position must be reset after tracking mode.Continuous rotating: Press Auto key andLEFT key, simultaneously,the pan tilt will rotate left automatically,repress the LEFT key, the pan tilt stops .this function suits for UP, DOWN,LEFT ,RIGHT key.

Tracking mode:

The power switch has 3 position, middle is off, turn up is remote, down is tracking . first install the camera, then turn up the switch to remote, adjust the camera angle. Turn down to tracking mode, the tracking light on, start tracking .

Green light on---tracking

green light blinking ---signal weak or target missing

red light on---stop tracking.

The tracking support gesture recognition, OK gesture start tracking , stop gesture stop tracking .

Attention:tracking lens can not capture the gesture or people if the ambient brightness is too weak, or in back lighting conditions the tracking resultis no
good, sometimes the gesture can not be recognized.

Remote photography:

Use shutter cable to connect camera and pan tilt, switch on the camera, switch on thepan tilt ,switch on the remote, press the PHOTO key to take pictures.

Attention :the shutter cable is not included in the accessories.

Accessories :Pan tilt/manual/type-c cable/remote/ 18650 battery/AAA batteries


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