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   Outdoor Portable Flash (EX)

EX Series portable monolite is designed for professional outdoor shooting. It features fast recycling time, less than 2.5s under full power (600WS). Clear digital screen shows 9 steps precise output controlled by CPU. The change of aperture is less than 0.1 when the exposure photometer is set at 1/60s and 1/500s. More than 180 times flashes with full power (600WS). Battery recharging is safe and stable,which can be done by vehicle cigarette lighter. Ex series contains EX400 and EX600.

Power Pack  
Adjust the power control button to change the number from 1 to 9. You can get the precise flash output displayed on  digital LCD Screen.
1-9: 1 stands for the minimum power, 9 for the maximum power, and so forth. There are 9 steps of flash output.                                                                        
L: Low battery, it needs recharging.  
E: Battery is exhausted or overheated. If caused by the latter, please turn off the power and let it cool off before use. It is very safe.
Flash Head 
Compared with the traditionaloutdoor portable flash, it featuresas its detachable flash head. The reflector can be dismentled fromthe flash head, enabling you to use accessories like soft box, barndoor kit and snoot, offering kinds of lighteffect on location shooting as easilyas in studio. It equips with umbrellaholder where you can mount variousreflective umbrellas. The handle can be dismantled from the flash head. You can fix the flash head on tripod or light stand, and attach onto the hot shoe mount.
Battery Charging 
(A) AC Charging   
(B) Automobile 12V DC charging by the provided car charger
Accessories (optional)   
You can select our soft box to make light softer, which is very easy to set up. Here we have two sizes for you:
Model: EX6060 (Size: 60cm*60cm)
Model: EX80 (Size: Octa 80cm)

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