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   Portable Hexagon Softbox

Product Description:
The new Diffuser60 is a high-quality professional hexagonal soft box for off camera flashes that creates a quality soft diffused light. Its patented folding system allows the box to be setup and taken down very quickly like folding an umbrella. The soft box shell is made from a rip stop style nylon to minimize wear and tear. The inside of the soft box is silver coated t maximize reflection. Ideal for professional photographers on the go! Features: High quality 23" rigid hexagonal soft box diffuser. (23" x 20"); Patented quick release folding system for fast and convenient setup and enhanced portability; Perfect for use with various portable flash systems; Double diffusing panels. Removable internal baffle for the soft box helps reduce hotspots and softens the light even more; The tilting bracket can be used as an umbrella mount for your camera flash; High quality carrying bag with shoulder strap for a convenient storage and carry.

Two size availalble:
Customized And OEM order is acceptable (For Example)


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