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   Automatic Electronic Dry Cabinet (25L)

Product Description
AB-25EM Dry Cabinet adopts the latest TE cooling wafer design. When the humidity in the cabinet (RH%) exceeds the setting value, the microcomputer will activate the cooling wafer automatically and moisture will be condensed and frosted immediately on a collecting board. When humidity level in the cabinet becomes lower than the setting value, the cooling wafer will be deactivated automatically. Then the frost on the collecting board defreezes to water, which is absorbed and given off naturally when flowing through guide holes, thus achieving dehumidification effect.
Dry Cabinet Features:
Analog control humidity
High accuracy 1% RH
Auto memory last RH Setting
Power failure memory and power-on-self-testing
Small internal dehumidifier core
Ultra-thin patented external dehumidifier core
Noiseless operation
Patterned Ultra Thin Hydrystat
Low power consumption
LED Strip Inside Magnetic Sealed Door for best RH control
Lockable door with two keys included
Slide/Pull-able durable plastic trays, prevents scratches to your precious equipments
Anti-rust cabinet with special coated paint
Wax is further applied to produce a luxury black result
Child Lock function is provided
Package Includes:
2 x Cabinet keys
1X Cable AC 100-240V, DC 5V, 2A
1X Sponge pad

Optimal Preservation Parameter Table:
Relative humidity RH Optimal Preserved Articles
40% - 50% Chinese paintings, antiques, paper money, stamps, ancient volumes, and etc.
40% - 45% Video cameras, cameras, lens, microscopes, telescope, negatives, video recorders, slides, CD, floppy discs, computer equipment, musical instruments, artistic products, ancient objects, dresses, leather articles, gold and silver utensils, TCM, medicines, tea, spices, superior foods and dessert, and etc.
30% - 40% Semiconductors, high polymer, chemical raw materials, precise instruments, optical measuring devices, electric and electronic parts, components and semi-products, and etc.
Below 30% Reagent, seeds, articles under research, special chemical medicines, precise electronic components, perfume, and etc.

Material: Steel
Capacity 25 Liters
Dimensions(out) W380 x D260 x H315mm
Dimensions(inner) W376 x D230 x H260mm
Power: 6W, AC 100-240V, DC5V, 2A
Humidity Control Range: 25%~70%RH
Net Weight: 5kg
Gross Weight 7 kg


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