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   High-Speed TTL Trigger Kit (TR-800)
     For Canon    or     For Nikon  available for choice

System type:  FSK 2.4GHz wirless controle system
Distance: up to 100 meters
Flash modes: E-TTL(II), ETTL, TTL, FP, Manual, Multi Flash
Sync.mode: 1st. curtain, 2nd.curtain, Hi-speed sync
Groups control: 3 groups A/B/C
Max Sync Speed: 1/8000s
Campatible : Hot shoe  and Studio flashes
Channels: 7
Group: 3
Shutter interface: 2.5mm plug
Studio flash connection: plug
Battery:  2 pcs. AA penlight 2400mAh
Stand by time: 60 hours
Size: 80x55x35mm
Weight: 70 gram

TR-800 Triopo TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Kit

- Support flash modes: E-TTL(II)/I-TTL, M, Multi
- Support first curtain, second curtain, high speed sync. Highest sync speed is1/8000s
- Support flash exposure compensatioin(FEC)
- Support flash exposure bracketing(FEB)
- Support flash exposure lock(FE lock)
- Support flash zoom(auto,manual)
- Support PC connector trigger studio flalsh and outdoor flash light
- Support TTL flash light,s high speed sync and TTL function.
- Support to trigger flash of common type(manually ajust power)
- Support focus assist
- When use EOS EXII flash, output power can be adjusted through camera
- Support mixed use of the flash modes on receiver, like use ETTL, Multi, M together
- Support setting autosave function
- Support 3 flashes to output by different powers
- Support multiple receiver control
- Support ETTL flash light ratio setting(type A camera wireless flash)
- Support M, Multi group setting(type A camera wireless flash)
- Transmitter with TTL flash supports camera menu setting


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